Friday, September 7, 2007

First Week - Photos


1. Frantisek Janak (Director of School), Rene Roubicek, Josef Kris (Glass cutting instructor) please forgive the spelling, I am unable to add the correct Czech pronunciation symbols to the letters
2. Frantisek Janak & Chloe (my wife)
3. Frantisek Janak & Thomas (my son)

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Week - September 2-8, 2007

We arrived safe and sound. The flight over was pretty uneventful until we connected in Frankfurt, Germany. This is a very confusing and not very helpful airport. However, we made to our next flight on Czech airlines which was a very quick flight to Prague.

Our long time friend and principal of the school in Kamenicky Senov, Frantisek Janak picked us up from the airport and took us on a quick tour of Prague. My wife had never been here before so it made for a good introduction. Then we headed for Kamenicky Senov.

We made it to our flat, which is just a few meters from the school. It is owned by the school, so they were able to offer it to us at an incredible rate, by American standards. It is a very beautiful area. We have a great view of some close mountains and are located not very far from Novy bor and Ceske Lipa. Both are larger towns with good resources.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Rene Roubicek, a very important Czech glass artist. We also visited his studio.

My family and I joined the instructors for a dinner and a game of bowling.

On thursday we visited the Czecg Glass Exhibition at the Fine Art Museum in Prague.

The classes I was able to attend this week were very informative. They covered basic explanations about tools, equipment and safety. One thing that is very different from the cold working studios in the US is the atmosphere. The studio is very open and has windows running the entire length of both sides. In addition the first year student brought plants in from the garden, which then line the sill of the windows. It makes the environment much more welcoming and pleasant.

After some basic explanations about the tools and how to use them, the students were left to practice. There is no cutting format for the first class. The students are allowed the time and freedom to experiment with the first wheel that is introduced.

I should also make mention that this is a Secondary School. These students range in age from 14-19. However, they are receiving information that is close to the equivelant that American students would receive at the university.

1. Front of school
2. Our apartment building, the school is the blue building behind

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