Sunday, September 16, 2007

Second Week - Sunday

Today has been a beautiful day. While most of our time so far has been rainy and a bit cold we were blessed with a beautiful and warm weekend. We are preparing for our trip to Prague tomorrow and needed a little family break. I and my family decided to go for a nice outing. We took a great walk today around the town of Kamenicky Senov, where we are living. The first part of our stroll started out with going to a basalt outcropping. This walk was almost 2 kilometers but went by very quickly. As you can see from the photos the formation is very interesting and powerful.

After we spent some time there, climbing around and also checking out the interesting mushrooms that were growing there, we started to look for some lunch. There are only about three resturaunts/pubs here. Mostly they are smoke filled and it is also difficult because my wife and son are vegetarian, so the menu choices are small. We have found ourselves at a nice place called Resturaunce u Tumu. It costs a little more, but the staff and food are excellent. I say a little more but we are usually eating a big meal, with a few beers and some dessert, for my son, for about $10-15 US Dollars (pretty good I think).