Monday, September 24, 2007

Third Week

This last week, my family and I went to Prague for the Fulbright Orientation. It was quite an eventful and exciting time. We were introduced to many things regarding the culture, history and language of the Czech Republic. The Fulbright Staff is incredible. They have been and continue to be very supportive and attentive to our needs and concerns. The organization was very generous as well, by situating us in a great location and very accommodating hotel.

The experience started with meeting the other Fulbrighters. It was inspiring to meet these professionals in varying disciplines. Each day we had some lectures that were mostly given by previous Fulbright Grantees. Again it was great to see how this opportunity can continue to enrich the careers of these individuals and how they continue to contribute to their fields.

The group also had the chance to experience some cultural events. The first was the Czech opera, The Kiss by Bedrich Smetana (you can find information at this website: This was at the National Theatre in Prague. As a side note, thanks to the Fulbright Staff for providing us with a bay sitter, this was the first date that my wife and I have been on in over two years. The next event was a reception for the current Fulbright Grantees at the home of the United States Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Richard Graber. The image here is of some of the grantees at this event.