Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Last Month

Hello, Chloe here.  Chad is totally consumed wrapping up our last month in the Czech Republic.  He's made some incredible artwork, soon to be shown in the states.  We'll keep everyone posted.  Here in Senov, we survived the winter, visa applications for Thomas & myself, and have emerged this May from our cold flat to find sun & bonfires galore.  The Czech people love their Spring & Summer.  Now we know why.  We were introduced to this joy by several bonfire parties last week.  The picture is from our village's April 30th witch burning night celebration.  Friday Chad introduced American style barbecue chicken wings at Harold's opening season jazz concert.  They were a hit & unfortunately he won't have time to do more, but it was a great way to blow off some steam or smoke, if you will.  The next day Charlie Parriott was in town, and together they helped Peter Rath's successor, Petra,  prepare the atelier garden for a party to celebrate Peter's retirement & his walk to Vienna.   It was a lovely party, and on Monday Peter Rath picked up his wheelbarrow (outfitted with a goblet and GPS, filled with beautiful glass) and started walking the historic glassmaker's route from Kamenicky Senov to Vienna.  Wheelbarrows were used because horses were too bouncy.  The pictures are posted here.

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